Privacy Policy

Who is the operator of this website? is an internet service provided by Saint-Paul Luxembourg s.a., 2 rue Christophe Plantin, L-2988 Luxembourg (RCS Luxemburg B.147.973).

For what purpose is my data collected on

We attach the utmost importance to protecting your personal data. You can use at any time without registering or logging on. In certain cases, in particular when you wish to publish content on, we will need your name and address and some further information in order to make the desired services available.

What is the legal basis for the data collection?

Your data will be collected and processed strictly in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, in particular the Data Protection Law of 2 August 2002.

As a user of our website, you have the possibility to view, correct and withdraw your personal data at any time. Please send your queries to the contact point below.

Is client data shared with third parties?

We ensure that client data is not shared with third parties, except when this is necessary for the provision of offers you wish to take up or services that you wish to use (e.g. competitions).

Saint-Paul Luxembourg s.a. reserves the right to inform clients and users by e-mail or post about the development of its own offers and services.

What is my data used for?

Personal data is only collected for the following purposes which are authorised by the Data Protection Commission: Customer management and support, accounts, technical/sales information, direct marketing and statistical analysis.

In using and other internet sites run by Saint-Paul Luxembourg s.a., your personal data may be collected from various locations, providing we have your consent. This data is used by us conjointly in accordance with this data protection notice.

Which data is to be collected?

In running our services, we use general technical information, such as that related to your hardware and software, the IP address of your computer system, the websites you have visited, as well as the time and duration of your visit.

This data has no relation to your person. No links are made between the collected data and any registration data.

In which case do I have to register?

To be able to actively use – in particular, to be able to add content – you must register as a user. For this purpose, we need you to give us a username, a password chosen by you, first name and surname, address, a telephone number and a valid e-mail address.

Please note: is a public platform, i.e. all registered users’ text and photos can be publicly accessed. So that we know who the reader is, and from which source the information originates, the author’s name will be published with each item of content.

How are cookies employed?

If you use as a registered user, your browser must be set to allow cookies. These are small pieces of data that are stored on your hard drive by means of your browser.

This makes it possible for us to match our internet pages with your interests. Used cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you log-off or close your browser.

Who can I consult?

If you have questions about this data protection notice, or other questions about data collection, please send them in writing to:
Saint-Paul Luxembourg s.a.
2, rue Christophe Plantin
L-2988 Luxembourg