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General terms and conditions

mywort.lu is Luxembourg’s first online community specialised in local news (news, events, guide…) and advertisement.

The active participation of mywort.lu user is of particular importance. Every user is encouraged to publish content, e.g. text and photos, comment on existing reports and adding content on existing reports.

Business clients may publish local ads on mywort.lu.

In browsing, reading, registering, publishing content or ads on mywort.lu you agree with the general terms and conditions and the privacy policy of mywort.lu.

None of your personal data (e-mail address, address, Phone number, Birthday), except your name and location, will be published or transferred. Your personal data will be protected in accordance with existing laws and our privacy policy.

Rules of conduct

You can use and read our website for free and without giving any of your personal information to mywort.lu. The website may be used for reading articles without transferring data to mywort.lu. Registration is required for publishing content, ads and writing comments.

The posting of content (text and/or pictures), as well as the publishing of local ads requires the user registration. Registration is open to physical persons and representatives of public bodies (cities and municipalities, associations…).

To register on mywort.lu, full name, phone number and e-mail address are mandatory. Every user is responsible for the accuracy of the given information during registration. Personal data will solely be used with mywort.lu. Please refer to the privacy policy section.

In order to register every user has to choose a password. It is prohibited to transfer the password to a third party. The user is responsible for the use of his password.

The user may not publish wrong or erroneous information about himself; register under a false identity or with several user names.

Posting of content by registered users

It is prohibited to post content on mywort.lu that violates the law.

mywort.lu doesn’t allow personal attacks on their users – neither in comments, nor in other contents.

It is forbidden to publish contents that are illegal, harassing, defamatory, discriminating, violent, pornographic, racist, sexist, vulgar, inciting to violence, violating law or other international agreements and may cause harm to mywort.lu and third parties.

It is not permitted to use this website, personal or other information about mywort.lu users for commercial purposes (e.g. advertising).

In case any of these rules were violated, mywort.lu may at its sole discretion:

  1. Warn the user by e-mail that he was violating the user agreement
  2. Delete certain content that the user posted on the website
  3. Delete all content published by the user
  4. End the user membership and/or
  5. Take other measures that appear mywort.lu as appropriate or necessary.


Alle Texte, Grafiken, Layouts und sonstigen Inhalte dieser Website, einschließlich Logos, Bilder, Software, Symbole und anderen Materials, sind Eigentum von mywort.lu oder des jeweiligen Urhebers oder des jeweiligen Lizenzgebers und somit urheberrechtlich geschützt, u.a. durch entsprechende luxemburgische Gesetze sowie internationale Verträge. Es ist verboten, dieses Material ohne vorherige schriftliche Genehmigung durch mywort.lu oder den jeweiligen Urheber ganz oder in Teilen zu vervielfältigen.

All texts, graphics, layouts and other contents of the website, including logos, images, software, icons and other material are the property of mywort.lu or the respective author and licensor and therefore protected by copyright. Luxembourg laws and international treaties are applied.

All content may be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, publish and distribute content of the website unless there is a prior written agreement by mywort.lu.


The content of mywort.lu will be produced with great care. Even though mywort.lu can’t take any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of posted content. Contributions of mywort.lu authors don’t reflect the opinions of the editorial team or Saint-Paul Luxembourg s.a..

The website may have links to external sites to which mywort.lu does not have any influence and therefore can’t take any responsibility. The responsibility belongs to the owner or provider of that website. mywort.lu distances itself clearly from these contents. Links to websites that violate the law will be deleted as soon as the editorial team of mywort.lu will find out or be informed.

Personal responsibility

External authors are responsible for the content of individual posts or local advertisement. Their statements don’t reflect the opinions of the editorial team or Saint-Paul Luxembourg s.a..

They are legally and morally responsible for their content (e.g. Text, data, Pictures). This includes the right of third parties, intellectual property (copyrights, patents, trademarks), data protection, privacy rights, as well as the right not to be insulted or slandered.

Further rules apply

If you want to publish content that may affect third party copyrights, you need a prior written permission by the author.

In posting content on this website, you allow other users to reply to these posts or put links to these posts.

Submitting content grants mywort.lu the free, irrevocable, unlimited in time and space, non-exclusive right to reproduce or publish part or whole of this content.

mywort.lu offers registered users the opportunity to upload content (text or pictures) ready for use by any of the editorial teams of Saint-Paul Luxembourg.

You must ensure that your password and access to the website is not available to third parties. mywort.lu does not take any responsibility for any act done by the misuse of your account or password.

mywort.lu is not responsible for any damage on your data, on your computer or other electronic gear when downloading data, text, images, files or other material from the website.

Amendment of user agreement and privacy policy

mywort.lu my change the user agreement and privacy policy at any time. Information about these amendments will be posted on the website. In continuing to use the website you agree with these changes.

Further information

Your trust is highly important to mywort.lu. For any further information about the user agreement or our privacy policy please contact the editorial team by e-mail: redaction@mywort.lu.

The law of Luxembourg applies to all legal relationships between mywort.lu and its users as far as no other mandatory statutory provisions are set. Jurisdiction is Luxembourg.