2nd issue of "Dreams-Do-Not-Burn" stamps in memoriam of AN-225 "Mriya"

2nd issue of "Dreams-Do-Not-Burn" stamps in memoriam of the destruction of AN-225 "Mriya" on 27.02.2022

For one year, Ukraine has been the victim of ongoing brutal Russian attacks on its country and its people - and an end to this war of aggression is not in sight…

To commemorate the devastating destruction of the unique AN-225 "Mriya" on 27.02.2022 by Russian airstrikes, a 2nd issue of the "Dreams-Do-not-burn" special stamps has been designed and will be available and orderable from 27.02.2023 while stocks last.

Our neighbours in Ukraine need our help !

With every order of my new "Dreams-Do-Not-Burn" special stamps you donate directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross to provide vital help to the people in Ukraine !

Like the 1st issue of 2022, the 3 new versions of the 2nd issue of the "Dreams-Do-Not-Burn" special stamps are based on the exclusive design of the young Ukrainian artist TARAS FORMANIUK and were completed in private collaboration with the Ukrainian ANTONOV-Company.

Through their worldwide sale in 2022, more than 650,00 € could already be directly transferred to the Ukrainian Red Cross - every stamp counts !

These new special stamps are offered in 3 values (National, Europe and Ukraine / International) each in an exclusive set of 8 copies at the following charitable price :

National : 8x 1,00 € (Set "A") for 12,00 € (+ shipping)

EUROPE : 8x 1,40 € (Set "B") for 17,00 € (+ shipping)

UKRAINE & INTERNATIONAL : 8x 1,75 € (Set "C") for 21,00 € (+ shipping)

Shipping by post :

for LU + 1€ per order,

for EU + 2 € per order,

for UKRAINE / International +6,75 € (registered mail) per order.

Orders can be placed and paid via :

- Bank transfer to: IBAN LU58 1111 1706 3108 0000 / CCPLULL

- Paypal : paypal.me/FHilkhuijsen

- Digicash - Payconiq : +352 691 839 840

Please state your surname, first name and postal address when ordering !

All proceeds from the special stamps ordered will go directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross, which will also provide a final account of all donations received.

For questions, information and orders :

- Email : dreams-do-not-burn@outlook.com

- Tel. : +352 691 839 840

Frank Hilkhuijsen