"DREAMS-DO-NOT-BURN" - stamps - donation to the Ukrainian Red Cross

"DREAMS-DO-NOT-BURN"- stamps - donation to the Ukrainian Red Cross

Since 15 May 2022, the "Dreams-do-not-burn" special stamps, which have become famous far beyond our national borders, have been in circulation in Luxembourg - the proceeds from their sale serve as a fundraiser for the Ukrainian Red Cross and their UKRAINE EMERGENCY APPEAL ( https://redcross.org.ua/).

From the charitable sale of these limited and very exclusive special stamps, a first considerable donation sum could be accumulated in the course of 6 months and then officially transferred to the Ukrainian Red Cross on 21 January 2023:

Exactly 659.18€ went directly to the headquarters of the Ukrainian Red Cross, who honoured this donation as an important support for their daily missions in the war zone and confirmed it with an official donation certificate.

The manifold missions of the helpers of the Ukrainian Red Cross require full commitment on a daily basis with permanent danger to the lives of many of their staff, every financial support of these missions, which are essential for survival, is a constructive contribution on our part to each and every one of these volunteers on the ground.

If you are still interested in these exclusive and limited "Dreams-do-not-burn" special stamps, do not hesitate to place your order by emailing dreams-do-not-burn@outlook.com, the demand is high and stocks will soon run out.

With every "Dreams-do-not-burn" special issue stamp sold, you too will be directly helping the Ukrainian Red Cross and making an important contribution to supporting the work that this organisation does every day for the entire Ukrainian people.

I would like to say a big thank you to all supporters so far, whether individuals, associations, companies or communities, and also on behalf of the Ukrainian Red Cross, greatly appreciating this "Dreams-do-not-burn" stamp donation.

Frank Hilkhuijsen