Street Racket in the heart of Europe - a sign of solidarity

On 21 May 2022, the squash club of Schengen, the Squash Factory Schengen-Lëtzebuerg asbl, with the support of the municipality of Schengen, expressed its solidarity with refugees from around the world, as well as those seeking refuge in Luxembourg and Europe.
In the centre of Europe, between the Columns of Nations, not far from the square where the Schengen Treaties were signed, a message was sent to the world by playing Street Racket with and for the refugees.
Our aim was to highlight the positive symbol of open borders in Europe.
Street Racket has great integrative power and is a fantastic way to bring people from all aspects of life together and get them moving.
With this form of movement, refugees are given a chance to forget their traumatic experiences, find a place of normalcy and experience valuable social and self-determining moments in a positive, integrated community.
This sport requires no infrastructure, no maintenance, and little to no equipment and everyone can join in immediately: from little girls to older ladies, from teenagers to professional athletes.
It is always fun, regardless of the level of play or physical condition. Street Racket is for anyone, anytime, anywhere.
The Squash Factory Schengen-Lëtzebuerg asbl would like to express its gratitude to all the people who came together on Saturday afternoon in Schengen on the "Place des Étoiles" between the columns and actively supported the initiative!
A special thank you also goes to the aldermen of the municipality of Schengen who came along and played with us!
The next edition is already being worked on and we would be happy to have you with us next time.