A unique collection at a glance : Supporting Ukraine Philaletic Catalogue 2022

A unique collection at a glance:

Supporting Ukraine Philaletic Catalogue 2022

If you are interested in stamps on the subject of " supporting Ukraine with stamps ", you can't miss this cracking new SUPPORTING UKRAINE PHILALETIC CATALOGUE 2022 by Juan Carlos Delgado Málaga from Peru on Facebook at : https://www.ukraine-war-in-philately.eu/media SUPPORTING%20UKRAINE%20PHILATELY.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3fyBnA7z9mDgVNB5vbsN-BDFcZ3CjstOH877UhmvYwwZ2ty9_ml61hWKI or at http://www.ukraine-war-in-philately.eu.

Here, on more than 80 pages in the update of December 2022, almost all the special stamps designed worldwide and most of them also available for public purchase have been listed, which so far exist on the subject of "supporting Ukraine with stamps".

Since the Russian invasion of neighbouring Ukraine in February 2022, a great many countries all over the world have designed national and international special issues, many large organisations and also an ever-increasing number of private individuals have followed this example and for their part have also published very exclusive and of course also strictly limited very small editions.

Without claiming to be completely exhaustive, this unique new catalogue by Juan Carlos Delgado Málaga shows a unique collection, in which of course the previous 2 Luxembourg special issues are not missing :

* on page 38 the 2 special stamps jointly designed by Post Luxembourg and LUkraine asbl. which unfortunately were only available in Luxembourg for a few months for a limited period,

* on page 39 the two special stamps "Dreams-do-not-burn", which were designed completely privately - and can still be ordered - with the logo of the unique and unfortunately totally destroyed Antonov AN-225 Mrija, which has become the symbol of Ukrainian national pride and will possibly be redeveloped by an international aid fund after the end of the war.

If you still want to order one of the few last copies of these very limited "Dreams-do-not-burn" special stamps, you can easily do so by sending a simple request via email to dreams-do-not-burn@outlook.com : https://www.wort.lu/de/mywort/reisdorf/news/dreams-do-not-burn-briefmarken-fuer-ukraine-emergency-appeal-ukrainian-red-cross-62d86107de135b9236777f2a.

Further information on the presented SUPPORTING UKRAINE PHILALETIC CATALOGUE 2022 by Juan Carlos Delgado Málaga can also be found on the specialised internationally Facebook group of Michael Kogan called UKRAINAIN RESISTANCE TO RUSSIAN AGGRESSION THROUGH PHILATELY : https://www.facebook.com/groups/ukrainewarinphilately.eu/

Frank Hilkhuijsen